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Clinical Herbal Therapy

       Offering an herbal health consultation.  During the initial consultation, we will talk at length about your health concerns and goals, I will educate you on ways herbs could help support your health, formulate herbal therapeutics (usually as a tea) but also will recommend herbal therapeutics from reputable sources,  educate on herbal energetics, nutritional and dietary supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.  

   The initial consultation usually takes about 90 minutes, then about 30 minutes to create your recommendations.  We meet virtually through zoom or in the Ithaca, NY area I have some availability for in-person if preferable.  I don't keep any identifiable health records, but I do take notes to help guide your care and will send all recommendations to you via your preferred email.


      Also, there is a waiver as I am acting as a consultant, clinical herbal therapist and health educator in this capacity, not as a Physician Assistant (PA).    Typically, we follow- up 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation, then monthly until you reach your health goals. 

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Heal-thy Self with Every Steep