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Educational Podcasts and Interviews Connecting
Plants to People and People to Plants

All About Kara ApotheKara
Learn about Kara's early experiences
with plant medicines and the path to her extensive clinical w
ork both in Medicine and Herbalism.
Hear her unique p
erspectives to provide
health through relationships with plants and within yourself. Kara's consultations
offer new insights and connections to the abundance of herbs to help guide you to your health goals.

All About the Host
00:00 / 22:40

A Talk with A Healing Spirit
Andrea Reisen of  Healing Spirits Herb Farm 
Explore growing herbs by a renowned teacher
nd grower for over 30 years!
Herb-Therapy's primary source of herbs.

Herbs are grown with respect and love supporting the health of the earth and people with the highest quality and intentions.

A Talk With A Healing Spirit
00:00 / 32:15

Catskills Comfrey
Learn About the Health Benefit
Comfrey, Symphytum officinalis
Interview with  Catskills Comfrey. one of Herb-Therapy's main suppliers of this Amazing Topical Gem in Plant Medicine Interview with Grower and 
Medicine Maker, Seth Hersch of
Catskills Comfrey.

Catskills ComfreyKara ApotheKara
00:00 / 28:06

Buying Herbs a Modern Dilemma
This is your guide to buying the highest quality herbs grown with respect and produced with sustainability as the guiding principles.  Herb- Therapy recommends herbs and products directly from local growers as the best option and from herbal and supplement companies. who align.  Fullscript is where we guide our clients to purchase and receive a 25% of discount as
Herb-Therapy clients. 

Buying Herbs A Modern DilemmaKara ApotheKara
00:00 / 16:11

Educational Podcasts 
To Understand Herbal Medicine,
One Has to Understand The Bod

The Stress Response, Adrenal Glands, and Adaptogen Herbs

Know How You StressKara Timmins
00:00 / 11:04

Know How You Stress
Is an in-depth session about the Neuro-endocrine connections between the brain and the adrenal glands and all the hormones and neuro-chemical connections. 

Herbs of ChangeKara Timmins
00:00 / 25:02

Herbs of Change
During times of change, transitions and stress, we need support to stay healthy. If these states become more chronic, we need deeper support. Plant medicine offers nutrients to support us during these states of imbalance, They help us return or stay in a state of health no matter what external or internal factors are present.  These herbs are called Adaptogens, nutritive tonics, or a newer term, nootropics among many other names from cultures around the earth. 

To Understand the Immune Response, 
A Deep Dive Into The Lymphatic System Is Needed


Understand LymphaticsKara ApotheKara
00:00 / 14:17

Understanding Lymphatics
An Exploration into the Immune Response and Other Fascinating Research of the Lymphatic System

Herbs to Tune ImmuneKara Timmins
00:00 / 18:55

Herbs to Tune the Immune
There is an abundance of herbs to support the immune response and offer nutrients to the lymphatic system. 

Interviews with Special Guests

Ginseng Guru Bob BeyfussKara Timmins
00:00 / 21:04

Ginseng Guru Bob Beyfuss
American Ginseng Expert and  Forest Grower shares his knowledge and love of Panax quinquefolius

Clinical Cannabis Guest Dr. Ghaly
00:00 / 28:41

Clinical Cannabis with Dr. Ghaly
Dr. Nasri Ghaly,  Integrative Psychiatrist from Ghaly Healing and Wellness Center  educates  about cannabis
medicine for mental health and pain conditions.

Therapy Steeped With HerbsKara Timmins
00:00 / 18:18

Therapy Steeped With Herbs
Meet Celeste Froehlich, LCSW who weaves therapy and herbs for her own self-care as well as providing herbal insight to her clients.
Contact Celeste Froehlich

Growin' CBDGuest Rick from Humble Hill
00:00 / 30:01

Growin' CBD
Meet Rick Tarantelli  of Humble Hill Farm Learn about growing CBD cannabis in New York

People's Stories of Plant Medicine

People's Story Alive from NYKara Timmins
00:00 / 16:27
People's Story Clare's Relationship With HerbsKara ApotheKara
00:00 / 16:07

Materia Medica Podcasts

Coltsfoot HerbKara Timmins
00:00 / 12:36

Meet the Herb in Our Yellow Flower Logo. Coltsfoot flower was a symbol of Herbal Apothecaries across Europe and Its symbolism is honored at Herb-Therapy

What's Up With ElderberryKara Timmins
00:00 / 04:02

Unpacking the COVID and Elderberry Controversy

Elder HighlightsKara Timmins
00:00 / 20:30

Elderberry Sambucus nigra
Learn more about this powerhouse plant full of health in every flower and berry and steeped in traditional lore as well as solid science. 

Ginseng Conservation Through CultivationKara ApotheKara
00:00 / 26:33

Ginseng: Conservation ThroughCultivation

Special Thanks to  Guest Host Kelsey Scott

Hanging Herbs
Heal-thy Self with Every Steep
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