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Herb Therapy Education
Connecting Plants and People for 20+ Years 
Join the Journey to Offer Herb Therapy 
to Your Clients and Patients.


For Health Care Providers:


Join the 9-month  Virtual Clinical Herbal Therapy Training Program to Integrate the Art and Science of Herbal Medicine Into Your Practice

Learn an in-depth approach to adding herbal therapeutics to your healthcare model.


Understand interactions of herbs, medical conditions, supplements, and medications.


Gain confidence in caring for clients/ patients who utilize herbs as part of their healthcare

Revitalize your intake skills and observe how to create a safe space where people's health stories are shared wholly and openly and where health is achieved at whatever stage of life or dis-ease. 


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Ready to Become A Clinical Herbalist?


Learn to Master The Art of Herb Therapy to Guide Your Clients by Traditons, Science, Art, Energetcs, and Plant Wisdom of Herbal Medicine.

Understand interactions of herbs, medical conditions, supplements, and medications.

Gain the confidence to safely recommend herbal therapeutics to clients presenting at all stages of life and health. 

Transform your love of herbs into a practice where you offer support to your clients to guide them to their health goals and safely utilize herbs for health. 

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What You Need:

Previous Education as a Health Care Provider (MD, DO, PA, NP, RN, PsychD, LCSW)


Previous Education as an Herbalist (Herbal Schools, In-depth Mentorship or Extensive self-education )


2-4 hours a week for 9 months for the Completion of 50 sessions


4 hours each 3rd Sunday a Month (August 2023-Dec 2023 and February 2024-May 2024

What You Gain:

In-depth training in herbal therapeutics and herb interactions


Direct Client Consultation Training to Actively Learn and Assimilate the Knowledge 


Resources for the most Up to Date Evidence for Herbal Therapeutics


Connections with Plant Medicines,  Herbal Growers, Product Producers, and Other Experts in Foraging a Path in Herbal Medicine.


1:1 training opportunities with Kara and over 20 years of medical and clinical herbalism experience. 


An opportunity to shift the healthcare paradigm and offer your clients and patients other options to gaining health, vitality, and balance

9-Month Investment:

50 Training Clinic Sessions:  $50/ session: $2500

9  Informational Sessions::     $100/ session: $900

3  Private Training Clinic Consultations and

one on one with Kara (4 hours)  $250/session: $750

Total: $4150

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Herb Therapy Training Program

Heal-thy Self with Every Steep
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